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Disaster Recovery Management Training Online

The AOS Continuity Management Certificate

Adequate knowledge and awareness is of course essential if any complex management task is to be successful. The management of a disaster recovery planning project is no exception.

Getting to grips with the concepts, structures and activities involved in continuity planning need not be difficult, however. Nor must the requisite training prove to be excessively time consuming or logistically challenging. Through the AOS, foundation training can now be delivered online.

The AOS Continuity Management Online Course

This disaster recovery management training course is essentially a detailed modular introduction to the fundamental concepts of continuity management and planning. It explores a wide range of issues, with modules embracing issues such as: management commitment, culture, continuity activities, functions & responsibilities, and many more.

At the end of the course an online assessment is presented. This enables the participant to measure progress and re-enforce the concepts covered. In addition, upon successful completion of the assessment, the AOS Continuity Management Certificate is awarded.

The course environment itself also presents a number if other facilities:

  • A forum for the exchange of views and ideas

  • A range of optional "extra-curricular" assignments for those who wish to explore a little deeper

  • Channels to communicate directly with other students and with the course tutor

  • A range of other features, such as webmail

These basically make the environment much more user friendly and interactive, not only ensuring that the participant should never be 'stuck' on an individual topic, but enriching the whole experience.

Continuity Management E-Learning

To determine whether the e-learning approach is suitable, you may wish to look into Disaster Recovery Management Training.


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