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Approval Statement

It is necessary for the organisation's Board or Governing Body to demonstrate a commitment to establishing and maintaining an effective Business Continuity Planning process.


A Business Continuity Plan is required to ensure that essential functions of the organisation are able to continue in the event of serious adverse circumstances.


A suggested wording for the Board or Governing Body statement is as follows:

"The Board or Governing Body recognises the need to formalise the organisation's Business Continuity Planning process. It recognises that there are significant risks to its essential business processes through potential and unexpected disruptive events. The increasing development in technologically based processes and the related high level of dependence upon these technological processes in order to conduct our business has made it necessary to initiate a Business Continuity Planning project with immediate effect. This project will be placed under the overall control of the Information Security Officer and all management and staff are expected to fully support this process. Heads of divisions and departments are instructed to nominate a responsible official to co-ordinate the Business Continuity Planning process in respect of that Division's or Department's activities."

This statement can be amended to suit the specific needs of your organisation.

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