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Summary and Tips

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  1.     Ensure that you understand the benefits you wish to achieve


  2.     Ensure that you know what your method and software tool will deliver.


          The software should IMPROVE your productivity - NOT tie you to a difficult and inappropriate methodology.


          Ideally, the software will make your job much easier.







It is recommended that you ensure that it satisfies he following criteria:


  The Knowledge Base of the system can be tailored by YOU


  You are comfortable with it... it is easy to use.


  It reports in terms that are meaningful. It doesn't leave you with the task of interpreting difficult computer output.


  It links EXPOSURE/RISK with IMPACT. In other words, the reports not only detail the risks, but explain what the implications of these might be. This is CRITICAL in selling security to business managers.


  You are not tied to external consultants for support in operating the tool or conducting the risk analysis exercise. The software should give you all the assistance you need.


  It will dynamically customise its approach/question-base to suit YOUR environment.






  You can also use the software for one-off security reviews or health checks to make your life easier.


  You can experiment on the basis of "what if.." scenarios.


  You will enjoy using the tool.

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