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Preparation and Groundwork


Obtaining The Basics

Creating a disaster recovery and business continuity plan is a complex task. However, certain jobs can be done in advance of planning.

One of these is to gather the necessary documents and other requisite information, so that these are to hand when the plan is actually created.

To assist with this, we have created the following list of items which may potentially be useful:

  • The existing business continuity plan, if there is one

  • List of major suppliers and their contact details

  • List of emergency services and their telephone numbers

  • Staff contact information

  • Existing evacuation procedures

  • Copies of floor plans and maps

  • Asset inventories

  • Premises addresses/maps

  • Health and Safety procedures and policies

  • Copies of maintenance and service level agreements (SLAs)

  • Operations procedures and manuals

  • Inventories of information and IT assets

  • IT/computer system specifications

  • Communication system specifications

  • Any industry regulations and guidelines

  • Information security policies and standards

  • Environmental and quality procedures

  • The organization name chart

  • Offsite storage procedures

  • Insurance details

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